Conference Calling Companies

What is a conference Call?

A conference call is a telephone call where the one party initiates another call which allows a called party to either listen in on the call or to speak. Another phase which is often used in conference calling is "Three-way calling". Specific equipment which allows this call to work can sometimes be employed, although your local telephone company can simply provide this service to your telephone line.

Many small businesses which are based at home use three-way calling, which is provided at an extra charge, to speak with many of their customers and consultants. In many cases this technology allows for problem solving without wasting too much time in back and forth calling.

There are many players in this market which has brought the technology to a place which allows a person in Australia to speak with and see someone in the USA and China without traveling around the world to attend a business meeting. With recent developments, it is now a normal practice to have not only conference calls, but also have those calls recorded and played back.

Many of the new services also include live call screen, which is ideal for moderation; pre-conference/green room facility which allows persons attending the conference call to have private conversations before starting the conference and lecture mode which allows for the muting of all participants. Web conferencing can also be performed on these calls which allow participants to share PowerPoint Presentations, text chat or host a poll.

There is a very special feature of Conference Calling which I find quite interesting; International call out and blast dial which invites callers all over the world to join in a live call. This is truly a money saving feature.

Choosing a Conference Calling Provider

When choosing a Conference Calling Provider, there are a number of questions which you will need to look ask.

(1) Can your provider service any type of call?
(2) Is the line capable of handing the volume of calls based on the type of conference call you want to make. e.g. world wide?
(3) Are there any hidden fees for this service?
(4) What are the guarantees that you will have good service?
(5) Is your system voice over internet protocol (VOIP)?
(6) Does your company provide DTMF clamping?

There are obviously other questions which you will need to ask before choosing a provider since there are several providers in this arena and you will ask the questions to suit your particular requirements.

Conference calling companies can save you mega dollars in travel around the world, therefore when you choose a company, ensure that you have the facilities you require to make your online meetings beneficial to your company.